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We all face challenges. Whether it be relationships, loss, job transitions, etc., we all live in a fast paced, hectic world. Meeting our challenges head on can be overwhelming. Advice, council, and judgment are usually at the forefront of everyone’s mind when they talk about their conflicts. Rarely is that what we want or need. A life coach helps you face challenges from a different perspective. From a place of positives and strengths, through dialog and process, we help rediscover your true values, what is important, who you really are. No judgment, council, or advice.

The world is more challenging than ever. Young adults face greater degrees of peer pressure, violence, drugs, absentee parenting, and technology overload than ever before. Knowing who they are and what values they have are crucial to making the right decisions that affect their current and future lives. We live in a quantitative society. Our worth is often judged by numbers and tests instead of looking for the attributes and qualities people have. Young adults fear judgment more than ever and often feel alone, frightened, and overwhelmed. A life coach can help them through those troubled times and help them discover the paths that are right for them without ridicule or judgment. Having someone to talk to can make all the difference.

As we go through life, many events can set our wheels in motion. Parenting, divorce, or loss of family members make us question our values and beliefs and can take us away from who we truly are and what is important.

As we age, 50 seemingly to be the magic number, we often reflect on our lives and ask, “What’s next?” Are we fulfilling our dreams, are we where we want to be? Exploring these questions through life coaching can refocus our energies to what we really want, who we are and how we want to proceed.

A life coaching process usually is a three-month commitment, three sessions a month with time to reflect in between to gain maximum benefit. Through dialog and process custom fit to each individual, the benefits and transformation are life changing. Completely confidential, life coaching can be done over the phone and/or in person.

Life coaching is not perpetual. It is there when you need it and will give you the tools to face the challenges of the day with true perspective, values, and strengths.

While you can have a life coach in your life forever, the goal is to realize who you are, the strengths you have, what is important so you can have your life be the best life it can be.