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Centerline Success

Centerline Success helping you get your mindback in the game. Be it Life, Business or Sports, Centerline can help you redefine your future and help you become  the best you can be. 


What would it take to make you more successful? What stands in your way of having everything you want?
Coaching can last 3-6 months, depending on the rider, usually with 3 sessions a month, either on the phone or in person. I have seen some I have seen some amazing transformations and revelations with riders”. One student went from hardly ever getting a ribbon to being a Provincial and Regional champion. Anything is possible!
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Currently Under Constuction


With the craziness of the world today we all face challenges in our lives. Job transitions, loss, parenthood, relocation, no matter what the topice, no one is immune. How can we be the best of who we are and face the challenges of today head on? A life coach is there to help you remember who youa re, discover what you love and bring out the best of you. Coaching comes from a place of positive and strengths, what you are good at and what you bring to teh table. click to read more

For more information, contact Sheri at kadans@telusplanet.net or 403-542-8677.

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