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Horizon Philosophy

After 19 years in business,the Horizon philosophy has not changed.  Offer quality care, individual attention and topnotch,qualified instruction to produce the best horses and riders possible.


I have always believed in a community environment,with a fun, enlightening, social element to truly make this a happy place for my clients.  Whether competition is the objective or not, the goal is continued learning, with the horses progressing in a correct, safe and timely manner.

I believe in correct basics, started from the beginning with the young horses and in correct equitation for the riders. There are no short cuts. It is a sport of detail and accuracy and the basics are what takes the rider and horses successfully up the levels. The joy of dressage is not only reaching the goals but the journey along the way. Horizon is filled with riders on that journey


We offer clinics with Canadian Olympic and PanAm team member, Tom Dvorak 4-5 times a year. Tom has been my trainer and mentor for over 15 years and exemplifies the best qualities that a dressage rider could have. Flawless equitation, a true understanding of the training scale and tools needed to produce high level dressage horses and an unwaivering belief in correct basics. His horses are text book and his results speak volumes. Spectators are always welcome and rider participation is encouraged.

Both myself and a staff member live on site to provide security. I have purchased my hay from the same supplier for the past 19 years who provides me with top quality product. I have used the same farrier for 19 years, Ron Tucker who is regarded in the industry as one of the best performance farriers in Alberta.

I have matched many horse and rider combinations successfully over the years, bred many successful sport horses and trained consistent winners in the show ring. My ongoing goal to create the best care and learning environment continues on today, with the addition now of Centerline success. As a certified performance-life coach, this new element to my business continues to bring growth and personal development to my clients.

Horizon Equestrian Center